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Father’s Day Festivities

24 Aug

Mother’s Day seems to dominate the parent holiday scene, in terms of event decoration, and I thought it was about time to give our dads a little more attention (even if they care more about the food than the flowers, lol.) So here’s another inexpensive event designed for dads.

Event: Father’s Day

Budget: $140

Guests: 11

This all started with this fun table setting I’ve been wanting to do for years. Unfortunately, it requires a short guest list and LOTS of space. My parent’s backyard gave me just the perfect opportunity to try it out.

FD Table Setup

I wanted the decor to have a masculine but whimsical feel to it and when I found these paper plates and napkins at Target (approximately $40 total for tableware), I thought it would come together really well in my parent’s backyard. I set up the tables in the rectangular formation and then put three pillars in the middle. My mom cut flowers from her garden and made two arrangements to flank the fruit tray we put on the middle pillar.

I bought disposable green table covers and wrapping paper from Target (four table covers at $3 each and two rolls of wrap for $2 each.) I used the wrapping paper as runners, taping them to the table cover to keep them in place. I rolled the utensils in the napkins and a last minute decision to tie them with raffia fit well into the outdoor setting. I also wrapped some raffia around candles and alternated those with the gift buckets.  Because of the wind I had to lay down the cups and attach weights to the table cover, but here’s how it looked just before they arrived:

FD Table Setup 2

FD Table Setup 3

For each dad, I designed a bucket of gifts based on their interests. I bought the ribbon and bucket at Target in the clearance section ($2 per bucket and $1 for the ribbon). I found most of the goodies atCost Plus World Market where they have tiny sample sized wines, cheese, crackers, chocolate and whole mess of other goodies and spent around $12, give or take, for each. Here’s the bucket for my FIL, who loves chocolate and beer:

FD Gift Bucket

If I’d had a little more time, I would’ve made a band with their initials around each bucket.

We also found some inexpensive instruments at Cost Plus World Market. My MIL bought those, at around $5 each, and we wrapped them with the leftover wrapping paper. We asked each dad to pick one at random and none of us thought they’d get that into it, but it turned out to be really funny:

My dad playing the bongos

My dad playing the bongos

All the dads playing their instruments

All the dads playing their instruments

I almost forgot,  a great way to keep the flies away without the icky citronella candles smell is to press cloves into oranges. They seemed to work and were a fun addition to the table.

A really great hostess once told me that one of the best ways to ensure a hit party is to incorporate some kind of activity, so we rounded off the night with a Bocce ball tournament:

FD Bocce Ball

The girls played a little later and, wow, we are way more competitive than the guys, lol.

I forgot to take pictures of these yummy desserts we served, but here’s a quick and easy recipe for some really presentable stuffed mini phyllo shells from Athens Foods. I made the Cranberry Lemon Mini Baklava Tarts and something similar to the Warm Mini Apple Pies, using pears instead :

Phyllo Dough Desserts

Overall, I think my dad enjoyed himself 🙂

FD Dad

Up next: Fiesty 75th B-Day Party…

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