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Persian New Year 1390/2011

13 Apr

Last year’s Persian New Year haft sin photos got such a great response that I wanted to share this year’s pictures with you. If you see any inspiration that isn’t included in the 2010 post please let me know and I’ll post them here. Enjoy!


Prepping for the Persian New Year

3 Mar

Growing up in L.A, I’ve come to really appreciate the plethora of cultural celebrations Angelenos absorb. There’s just something so deeply rooted and satisfying in prepping for traditional festivities.

As a kid, watching my mom faithfully produce a gorgeous sofreh-ye-haft-seen each year for Nowruz (the Persian New Year) filled me to the brim with awe. Far removed from the bustling marketplace in Tehran, she would drive miles to procure the seven symbols this spread requires; sabzeh, samanu, senjed, sir, sib, somagh and serke. Though sometimes she had to improvise, she never failed in delighting us with a differing version of this spread year after year.

Few memories are as sacred to me as helping my mom prepare for this holiday. From decorating eggs in vibrant colors and exotic scripts to creating the little khanum nokhodi dolls out of tiny, dried garbanzo beans and, finally, helping place each adorned item in its respective spot, Nowruz is simply captivating. More importantly, it’s a ritual between me and my mom that’s evolved throughout the years. I’m so grateful to her for ensuring that this three thousand year old tradition remained alive in our home.

Here’s a pictures from last year’s haft seen and there are more detailed shots in the gallery below.

I’m really looking forward to our festivities this year so I’ve been busy gathering some gorgeous haft seen pictures for inspiration. Here’s to a new year of sweet, sweet memories. I hope you enjoy!

Update: For photos of our 2011 haft seen, please click here.

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