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Sweetheart Sundaes

10 Feb

Who says a dessert bar should be for a crowd? I say it’s the perfect, unique opportunity for you and your V-Day buddy to indulge in this seriously sweet sundae bar created by Eat Drink Chic

Not only does the site provide some (potentially sticky – in a good way) vintage dessert inspiration for V-Day, they even offer template downloads for all the labels and signs. This way you can spend less time fussing over the fonts and format and spend more time

a) finding the perfect toppings

b) browsing Amy Atlas Event

Atlas is undoubtedly the creator of the most stunning dessert bars ever! Just look at this perfected showstopper;

I didn’t even realize just how much I loved her designs until I popped over to her website and found tons of dessert buffets I’ve ogled in the past without realizing they all originated in the same great mind.


Tablescape for a Fabulous Fall Feast

10 Nov

Fall Dinner 040

Last Sunday we invited all the parents over for a thank you dinner. Each time we come up with a crazy party idea our parents go above and beyond in helping to decorate, cook and temper our last minute madness. The Creepy Carnival was no exception and we really wanted to thank them for all their hard work. The most difficult part was coming up with the menu. When you’ve got two old school mama chefs it can be a little intimidating for an amateur to impress them. I settled on a mix, Burberry Rice for the Persian side, a vegetarian spinach and mushroom quiche for the vegetarian and a lemon chicken for the boys. I got some of the recipes from one of my favorite sites, allrecipes.com Check them out if you haven’t already done so, they have a plethora of amazing dishes and a recipe for the best damn chocolate chip cookies in the world!

My mom and MIL brought some flowers,  two fall mix bouquets and fresh daisies frm my mama’s garden so I centered the table scheme around them.

I took apart the first bouquet to create a runner from the leaf stems. I’m a huge fan of tone on tone and I loved the red leaves in this arrangement.

Fall Dinner 002

Fall Dinner 024

Fall Dinner 027

Fall Dinner 015

The little red “berries” were also cut from the bouquet and I used them to embellish the serve ware. I wrapped brown ribbon around a white napkin, attached the “thank you” cutout, left over from a bridal shower earlier this year, and then slipped a leaf under it. I think the “berries” really completed the look. (I really have to take a floral arranging course so I can find out what all these gorgeous flowers and fillers are called!)

Fall Dinner 012

We also found some mini pumpkins, on sale from Halloween, for seventy-five cents a piece. I attached a thank you cutout to them, rubbed the tops with a little pearl powder and then arranged the squash and mini carnations around them.

Fall Dinner 022

Fall Dinner 023

These votive holders are actually napkin rings, I just slipped some tea lights  into them.

Fall Dinner 029

Fall Dinner 047

Here’s the Burberry Rice, a yummy mix of tart and sweet.

Fall Dinner 054

Thank you for visiting sentimental sublime and happy holidays to you and yours!

Harrowing Halloween Labels and Specimens

11 Oct

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with searching for great details to add to our Creepy Carnival Halloween party this year. The devil’s in the details, as they say, and to spook up our bar and food tables, vintage labels and specimen jars will do the trick.

I really liked the Martha Stewart poison labels she featured last year and you can find those and some new ones at Grand In Road.


But I also perused the web and found these awesome inspirational labels. Some of the designs are free and will definitely save you some time and $$$ The tutorials will also keep the designs from looking sloppy. I’m planning on premixing a signature drink and displaying them in old wine bottles with some creepy labels at our bar.

Here are some samples pictures from the sites I’ve found with links below the pics.


Spookshow’s Vintage Halloween Labels


Love Manor Vintage Halloween Labels


Chronophobia Vintage Halloween Labels

Shadow Manor even created a Doom It Yourself Poison Label Generator, so you can add your own text to these vintage labels!

Poison Label Generator

Specimen jars aren’t just for the kiddies anymore. Some specimens on risers will elevate our dessert bar to Halloween standards 😉

Arana Muerta’s Witches Kitchen is a great guide on creating your own concoctions and it features a great little tutorial on how to make the labels. I Make Projects features some really fun ideas on what to use as specimens.



Witches Kitchen


I Make Projects Specimen Jars

Happy Doom It Yourself-ing!

Creepy Carnival Sneak Peek

9 Oct

I’m so excited that we decided to throw a Halloween party again this year. In the past we’ve done some really fun themes. One year we had a “Dead Man’s Pirates Party” where my hubby designed and made a big walk-in cave out of paper mache and a dungeon out of wood. Another year we did a “Halloween in New Orleans” complete with a creepy graveyard and tons of Mardi-Gras masks. This year we are going to have a “Creepy Carnival.”

My hubby is also a diy’er, and this is hands down his favorite holiday. So he’s already planning some great budget friendly projects that I’ll be posting as we go. (Yikes, we only have a little more than 3 weeks!) We’ve already run a muck at the Dollar Store and bought a bunch of creepy looking baby dolls and stuffed bears for decor. For the dolls, we let them soak in tea and coffee to give them a weathered and dirty look.

Creepy Carnival 007

They look creepy just sitting in the bucket, yuck! Then we painted them with some leftover acrylic paint and burned a few.

Creepy Carnival Dolls

For the bears, we’re trying to give each one a distinctive look, but it’s harder than it looks as you can see from the pictures. So far,  for one, we burned and painted him (I had old oil paint laying around so we used that) another one was slashed and resown, minus some stuffing. For the zombie looking bear we pulled out some stuffing, painted the eyes white and made his fur look wild by cutting it in random spots. We haven’t completely finished with the bears but here’s a little sneak peek.

Creepy Carnival Bears

This weekend we’re going to try and tackle some more projects so hopefully I’ll have an update soon.

Seaside Party Inspiration Board

18 Sep

Here’s another inspiration board that I would seriously love to make a reality some day. Hope you enjoy!

Water Lily Party Inspiration

6 Sep

Water lilies are so stunning and serene that they would create the perfect setting for an elegant but comfortable dinner party. Here’s a quick inspiration board I created including elements I’d love to incorporate into a dinner party. You can click on the picture if you want more info about an item on the board.

Decadent Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

6 Sep

I found my original inspiration board for the bridal shower, yay Polyvore! It’s so different from what we ended up doing, but I would love to try to piece this party together some day.